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IP Address Handling

Kilkaya: Analytics Tool for News Publishers​

Kilkaya is an analytics tool tailor-made for news publishers. We collect engagement metrics like pageviews, clicks, view time, and unique users. After aggregating this data, we provide access to it via dashboards, reports, and our API.

IP Address Handling

While the IP address is included in every log request, we never store this information on our servers. It is automatically deleted as soon as we receive the log request, before any data is saved.

Privacy and Cookie Usage

Kilkaya is designed with a strong emphasis on privacy. We don’t store any personal information on our servers. We offer the option to set a first-party cookie to measure unique users, allowing us to count the number of distinct users. However, we never store any information that would make it possible to identify an individual. The decision to set this cookie rests with the publisher. All features in Kilkaya function without the cookie, except for session-based Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as unique users and active users.

Data Ownership​

All the information collected is owned by the publisher. Kilkaya logs the information strictly on behalf of the publisher. We guarantee that Kilkaya will never share any data with third parties. Furthermore, Kilkaya establishes a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with each publisher we integrate with, ensuring the publisher's responsibility for compliance with data protection requirements.

For any questions regarding our privacy policy, please reach out to us at

Privacy Policy

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