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Align your objectives, adapt to evolving market demands, and achieve success in digital publishing.

We know that in a fast-paced world, flexibility isn't just an option; it's a requirement.

Dashboards Tailored to Your Strategy

– Feels like it was made just for you!

Tailor your analytics to your business model. Handpick KPIs that align with your unique strategy. Need more? Define your own! 

Choose Your KPIs

Each widget offers unique advantages. Options include tables, lists, numbers, targets, lines, bars, gauges, and pies. 

Each widget allows you to select the time period, layout, widget size, and content to be displayed.

Select Widgets

Utilize dashboard variables for KPIs such as time, domain, or section, to create flexible dashboards suitable for various user groups.

This approach saves valuable time on both setup and maintenance, making your dashboards consistent throughout your organization.

Powerful Variables

With our flexibility, you can get tailor-made dashboards for every role carefully adapted to your workflow.


Kilkaya is the extension of your strategy, helping you achieve your goals.

For Every Role

A/B Testing

Optimize every element on your page with our A/B testing tool. Create unlimited variants and apply various testing strategies to optimize for diverse business objectives. This allows you to focus on crafting superior content while Kilkaya fine-tunes engagement and conversions.

Set up multiple rules to select articles for an audience. Create separate Streams for various user categories, such as subscribers, loyal readers, and casual visitors.


Choose the relevant KPIs and weight their importance to optimize for conversions, reading time, video plays, subscriber loyalty, or simply more clicks.


Take a step back and watch your strategy unfold through Streams brought to life by your data and vision.



Recommendations Your Way

We understand the unique challenges you face, whether you're trying to leverage videos, grow subscriptions, or optimize articles. That's why our mission is to offer real-time analytics that are as flexible as you need them to be. Our customizable dashboards and diverse KPIs are designed to align with your specific goals, empowering you to make data-driven decisions without having to compromise your strategy. 

We believe that analytics tools should adapt to publishers, not the other way around. 

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Would you like to try Kilkaya?

With the Kilkaya big screen module, you can effortlessly display one or multiple dashboards on any large screens in your office.


Connect to Slack or Microsoft Teams for real-time alerts on traffic changes and high-traffic articles. Get daily statistics in your channel or email.


Kilkaya comes with a unique role management system making it possible to grant access only to the dashboards and data relevant for each role.

User Roles

Access your data in real-time through our Rest API. Everything you log in Kilkaya can be instantly exported using our API.


And Much More

Integrate with your video system to measure video starts, playrate, completion rate, drop-off, and other performance indicators accurately.


Combine this integration with our Target Manager and Target Speed to ensure you achieve your goals.

Video Integration

Analyze how your subscribers use your content to ensure they find value in their subscription, reducing churn.

Integrate your sales system to track which articles generate sales. You can also tag conversions with additional information, such as subscription duration, to gain deeper insights.


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