Kilkaya is an analytics tool built for news publishers. We log engagement data (such as pageviews, clicks, view time, unique users, etc) and store this on an aggregated level. This information is used by journalists to optimize and prioritize their sites.


The IP address is naturally a part of every log request. However, we never store this information on our servers. We keep the log request itself for a maximum of 4 days before it is automatically deleted. This is only to prevent fraud and for debug purposes.


Kilkaya is designed with privacy in mind. We don’t store any personal information on our servers. We set a first party cookie to measure unique users. This allows us to count the number of unique users, but we never store any information making it possible to identify a person.


All the collected information is owned by the publisher. Kilkaya is only logging the information on behalf of the publisher. Hence, Kilkaya will never share any information with third parties. Kilkaya will have a DPA with every publisher on which we are integrated, and the publisher is responsible for compliance with data protection requirements.


If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us on